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2 thoughts on “Contact

  1. I’m posting about the article your team wrote regarding Hawaiian Baby names. This article/list is very offensive to Hawaiian people. 95% of the names listed both the meaning and the name is incorrect. You are giving out a tool to people that have no idea what they are naming their child. In our culture you don’t just give someone a Hawaiian name the child and parents are gifted a name. This article/list I’m asking you to take it down. If people really want a to have a Hawaiian name for their child they need to earn it. Names are very important in our culture it carries responsibility its not just something you call a person. In Hawaii when you call someone by their Hawaiian name you are calling all of their ancestors and family that are embedded in their bloodline.


    • Hello, Leionaona. I have no idea what article/list you’re talking about. We do not have a list of Hawaiian names on our site. Maybe someone is linking a list to our site? I can’t find anything when I search it. Although, a list of Hawaiian names in general is not an offensive thing. It’s an educational tool, helping people learn more about Hawaii’s rich heritage and beautiful language. You seem to be very passionate about this topic, perhaps you could help educate and share information on this topic instead of wanting information regarding Hawaiian names to be removed from wherever it was that you saw a list of Hawaiian names. My family is made up of Samoans, some Hawaiians, and some Tongans and lots of Palagis. We love educating Palagis, or Haoles on our culture.


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