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Get Your Own DISCOUNTED Glasses!!

If you’ve ever watched any of our videos, you may have noticed that I wear glasses almost all the time.  I’m regularly asked where I buy my glasses and all but one pair of my glasses have been purchased online. I was contacted by to do a review of their glasses in exchange for a free pair, which I was happy to do so, since this is truly something I use regularly.

The first pair of glasses I ordered from Firmoo were bent somehow, so that they were too uncomfortable for me to wear. I explained the problem to Firmoo and was asked if I could take them to a local shop to see if they could make adjustments that would let the frames fit me better. I explained that the reason I purchase all my glasses online is because I have kids I don’t want to take into a glasses store and I just had a baby. They allowed me to choose a different pair to receive, instead.

LM Firmoo Frames Polaroid.png

The new frames I received fit perfectly! They are a fun matte black color with gold accents. They are actually one of the most comfortable pair of glasses I own because they are so lightweight. I’m sure this is due to the fact that they are made of mixed materials, whereas all my other glasses are full plastic/acetate.

For a limited time, Firmoo is offering a DISCOUNTED pair of glasses to our viewers!!


To take advantage of this opportunity, visit and follow the steps to receive your DISCOUNTED pair of glasses!

For a more in depth review, check out our video review!