We Found the Mattress of Our Dreams!! intelliBED: As Intelligent as it Sounds….

We Found the Mattress of Our Dreams!! intelliBED: As Intelligent as it Sounds….

**We contacted intelliBED to let them know how much we love their mattress

and that we’d be sharing our mattress stories and they offered to give our readers a 10% discount!!

  Simply click here and use coupon code LaughingMoms to receive your discount!**

intelliBED: Eden’s Story

What does a good night’s sleep and the saying, “You never know how much you miss something until it’s gone,” have in common? A ton. Loads. A plethora. Infinite even. It really isn’t that far of a stretch at all to link the two ideas.  Perhaps, you’re wondering how that’s possible––allow me to give you my own version with a little twist.

“You never know how much you have been missing out on an amazing night’s sleep until your lumpy, painful, even nasty old mattress is gone.” This is my story…..

My husband and I have been married for 16 years, all of which we’ve slept on a hand me down mattress. Before I was married, I slept on whatever mattress was given to me by my parents, who got it from who-knows-where. You know, that place where things come from that show up and no one seems to know how it got there. On top of that, said item had a used and worn look with maybe even a slight stench to it? Yeah, that’s the place. So, it’s completely accurate to say that my mattress experience has been given to me rather than chosen. In my naiveté, I never questioned…not once.

As the years went by, symptoms started to emerge. It began with mild tossing and turning, as well as waking up to readjust and get comfortable. At first, I attributed it to sharing my sleeping space with my husband, who has to sleep with a minimum of four pillows. Seriously, that’s a red flag right there. Then I stared waking up to my hands and arms falling a sleep. I’d wake up to the most annoying and uncomfortable tingling in my limbs due to poor circulation. It was so frustrating that my extremities were getting more “sleep” than I was.

My poor husband had his own issues, four pillow minimum aside. He had shoulder surgery as a college freshman due to a football injury and because of residual effects of two surgeries, he can only lay on his left side. He also has compressed vertebrae in his neck, which causes him terrible headaches. I should have done a proper medical history on him before we married, but he was sooooo cute!!

As children came and our bodies got older, aches and pain ensued. Back pain from pregnancy, work, and trying to stay semi in shape started to compound. We were not sleeping!! We tried everything from memory foam pads, to pillow top pads and mattress flipping. I even stared wearing ear plugs to bed thinking that since becoming a parent I was just a light sleeper now. All these gave temporary relief. (Except for the ear plugs, those things are GOLD.) We were only treating the symptoms and not the real problem. When all these fads and fixes lost their appeal, we were left with the same common denominator. OUR MATTRESS WAS STILL THE SAME!

Even when we finally concluded that our mattress was the problem, we felt stuck. Resigned. Was this going to be the quality of our sleep life? We wanted a new mattress, so what was holding us back? Money? Obligation? Why couldn’t we just get rid of it?  The answer was there all along:  I didn’t know where to start. All the mattresses in my life were always provided. I’ve never had to look for one on my own. I lacked knowledge and there were too many companies pulling me in different directions. Until, I found intelliBED.

Its patented gel structure is soft, yet gives support, all while allowing proper circulation.  The gel technology claimed to relieve pressure points, ensuring a less interrupted sleep; I was intrigued. I was desperate for the deep-healing kind of sleep it promised. It’s the same sleep technology used in hospitals with patients whose lives depend on sleep. As a mother, my life and my children lives depended on my sleep! Further research revealed some crazy facts. My old mattress was not only uncomfortable, but toxic! Chemicals in the mattress were seeping into me through my skin and breathing by a process called “off-gassing.” I had slept on this mattress for the entire gestation of three out of my four children!! So, I took a big leap of faith and ordered an intelliBED.

I’m not a sleep specialist. I could quote some hard facts about how the gel is made and the percentage of this and the statistics of that, but I’ll leave the sleep technology talk up to the experts. Besides, you can read all about it on their website, intellibed.com. I am, however, an expert on my experience and the difference it has made in the quality of sleep I now get.

Hand on intelliBED gel

To be honest, at first I didn’t really feel a difference. I mean, it felt good, but so did my pillow top and memory foam pad, at first. But, I took it as a good sign when the first time I laid on it after it had been delivered, I caught myself falling asleep within just five minutes. So, I remained cautiously optimistic. After a couple of days, I realized that I didn’t wake up with an achey back. My husband’s head aches were less frequent and I had more energy because my sleep was deeper due to less tossing and turning.

intelliBED: As Intelligent As It Sounds

The real “Ah-Ha!” moment came when I went out of town for the first time since sleeping on my intelliBED for a few weeks and had to sleep on a standard mattress again. It. Was. Awful. 

I could not believe how bad I slept. All of my old problems were back. Poor circulation, tossing and turning, waking up exhausted and achey. It was shocking and heartbreaking. I thought, “This was the best I had been giving myself? Didn’t I care enough about myself to give my body what it so desperately needed?” I’d been robbed!! Cheated and betrayed by––me.

After stewing about this latest discovery a while, I apologized to myself for treating her so poorly. For not giving her the things she needed to accomplish daily tasks with the peace and energy that comes from deep-healing sleep.

Here at Laughing Moms, we joke about all the issues that make parenting frustrating and rewarding. Sleep deprivation is at the top of the list of frustrations. Sometimes things seem funnier the more tired we are. And things definitely get a little too emotional and dramatic the more tired we are. My son literally has a meltdown everyday at 5:00 p.m., like clockwork. But, I am much more patient and understanding to his needs now that I’m getting quality sleep from my intelliBED.

So, invest in yourself. Change your sleep and change your life. Because a bad night’s sleep is no laughing matter.

Check out our video below as well as Alisha’s mattress story!

intelliBED:  Alisha’s Story

I have struggled with back pain since I was a young girl.  My mom found a great chiropractor when I was young who focused on having me strengthen my back.  I would do reverse sit-ups for what seemed like forever, but it did help.  I actually have a form of exostosis that has caused my lower back to fuse to my hip/pelvic region on my right side.  Fortunately, I’ve always been pretty flexible, so this has never immobilized me as it can some people, but it has increased my back pain.

When my large, half-Samoan husband and I got married, my parents gave us their old bedroom set, including their old king-size mattress.  We thought it would be great having so much room to sleep, but the bed sagged terribly in the middle.  Even at our most fit, which we were when we first got married, my husband and I weighed a combined 350 pounds.  We would constantly roll into the center of the sagging mattress, where there was zero support for our backs.  My husband would often sleep on the floor to help his back.  After a couple of years on this mattress, I became pregnant with our first baby and my husband decided to go finish school in Minnesota at a university that wanted him to play football again.  Since we were moving as young, poor college students, we couldn’t afford a large moving truck, so we left behind many of our belongings, including the sad, saggy mattress.

My husband had to move to MN before I did.  I was still working in Florida where we had been living because we needed the money, but he had to go start school.  I moved to MN a couple of months after he did and walked into our new apartment that my husband had so proudly “furnished.”  I don’t normally consider cheap camp chairs and an air mattress “furniture” but I especially didn’t consider them to be such when I was seven months pregnant.

I’m pretty sure we had some Peeping Tom’s hanging outside our window just for the hilarity that ensued when watching us try to get into bed and sleep on our “deluxe” air mattress.  Our previously svelte combined 350 pounds had ballooned to being just shy of 500 pounds, since I gained 80 pounds during pregnancy.  Yes, you read that correctly, I gained 80 pounds.  And my husband apparently had sympathy pregnancy weight gain, so we would inadvertently bounce each other off the sides of the air mattress or just roll into the middle and then be unable to roll back out of the middle.

This first pregnancy was also when I learned that I create too much of the relaxin hormone when I’m pregnant.  This is the hormone that is meant to help your body stretch enough to carry and deliver a baby.  It’s great for most people, and highly necessary, but when received in abundance, I literally felt like Mrs. Potato Head, where you could just pull my extremities out of my body without much thought.  My joints were soooo loose.  I dislocated my knee just by getting off a couch, I pulled my groin more times than I can count, my back would constantly slip in and out of place and when it was out, it was debilitating.  I couldn’t move.  This is why I gained 80 pounds.  I couldn’t even stand to cook a healthy meal and my husband was working as a school bus driver in mornings and afternoons, going to school between his shifts and driving a taxi at night, so he was not home and able to cook for us, either.

Our deluxe air mattress only worsened the condition and I told my husband we had to get a real bed.  This was almost 12 years ago and we both still shudder at the thought of how time consuming and lame the process of mattress shopping was for us.  Did you know that different companies will sell the same mattress under different names? It’s not like car shopping where you know what make and model you’re getting, no matter where you get the car.  With mattress shopping, you may know the manufacturer name, but the model name can change from place to place.  This makes it incredibly difficult to compare mattresses and prices.  One common element among the various mattresses, however, was the 8-10 year lifespan.  When we were newly married, 10 years seemed like a long time.  Now that we’ve been married for longer than 10 years, it seems so fast.

It took us a couple weeks and an extensive credit application to find a bed we both could live with.  We got a mattress with a pillow-top and motion dampening, since I’m an incredibly light sleeper.  They didn’t tell us about some of it’s other features, such as off-gassing.  We thought our bed was doing a pretty good job over the years, but when the 10 year mark rolled around, and then passed, I kept thinking about how disgusting our mattress had become.  Three kids later, unmentionable things had taken place in that bed.  I would have nightmares that some crime scene unit would come to my home someday and hold a black light over my mattress and reveal the filth.

My husband had started sleeping on the floor more frequently, and not because we didn’t like each other anymore, but because his back needed more support.  I missed my husband, so I started researching mattresses again.  The process of buying a mattress had not improved since we bought our first mattress.  It was so disheartening, we just resigned ourselves to our dumpy, old mattress.  That is until a few months ago, when I mentioned something to a friend, who told me all about her intelliBED experience.  I had never heard of intelliBED and started doing some research on them.

I couldn’t believe the differences in construction and design between intelliBED and other mattress companies.  Elements that were standard in even the most basic intelliBED models weren’t even options in other mattresses.  Did you know it is possible for a mattress to have a 30 year lifespan?? Thirty years!!  And it can actually last longer than 30 years, but it has a warranty for 30 years! Well, it’s not possible with other mattresses, but it’s a standard for intelliBED. I thought off-gassing was something we would all just have to live with, but intelliBED makes preventing off-gassing one of their top priorties.  I didn’t even know it was possible to have a bed that could actually support your lower back when lying flat on your back. I thought I’d be stuffing pillows under my legs for the duration of my mortal existence.

With my last pregnancy, I experienced ridiculous pain from my IT bands, running from my knees to my hips. I had to turn from side to side every few minutes because of the pressure on my joints from my mattress.  I was completely sleep-deprived.  Compound that fact shortly thereafter with a newborn baby and sleep had become a distant memory.  I was SO TIRED!!  Learning that the patented gel used in intelliBED is also used in hospital burn units because it minimizes pressure on the body, eliminating the need to move burn victims frequently without worry of bed sores or joint pain, was one of the major selling points for me. I talked to my husband and we decided we would give intelliBED a try.  They have a fabulous guarantee and that’s what helped me sell my husband on the idea.  If we didn’t like it, if it didn’t work as it should, we could return it.  But if it did work, it would be amazing.

The first night on our new intelliBED mattress, my husband and I slept incredibly well.  The rest of that first week, however, I noticed my low back was feeling sore, like my muscles were sore.  After that first week, I haven’t had ANY low back pain. NONE. It seems my back muscles had been working hard to try to hold my back in place on my old mattress, but not necessarily the right place.  With proper low back support, however, those muscles were able to relax, my back realigned itself properly, and I have been pain free in my low back since.  That was 3 months ago!

Oh, and in case you were wondering, Eden and I both have the intelliBED motion damping mattress,                          also called the Deluxe 30.

To be honest, if I didn’t have such a strong recommendation from a friend, I don’t think I would have ever spent as much on a mattress as our intelliBED mattress cost. I’m a very thrifty spender but the benefits that come from our intelliBED mattress definitely outweigh the cost.  When you factor in the 30 year warranty on this mattress and that its lifespan is AT LEAST THREE TIMES LONGER than any other mattress, you start thinking about what a smart financial decision, as well as smart physical decision, an intelliBED is.  Definitely, the intelligent choice.

If you’re in the market for a new bed, I highly recommend doing the research for yourself and putting the intelliBED guarantee to the test.  AND because we told them how much we love them, they were so kind to give Laughing Moms readers and viewers a 10% discount.  Just use coupon code LaughingMoms.  Because as Eden said before, a good night’s sleep is no laughing matter.

intelliBED discount code coupon code


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