I was once asked to describe why I married my husband in one word.  The word I chose was laughter. My husband has the world’s greatest laugh.  EVERYTHING is funnier when he is experiencing it with me.  As hot as he was when we got married, and as hot as he still is to me, I knew looks would eventually fade, money can come and go, but a laugh is magical.  And sometimes we need a little magic to get through this life.  I knew we would always be happy together, whatever life may throw at us.  I love to laugh.

Motherhood was something that scared me to death, honestly.  I wasn’t sure if I would ever become a mother because of how overwhelming the prospect seemed to me.  But I’m so glad I did choose this magnificent role in life.  I’ve been blessed with three of the most amazing daughters on the planet.  Love them so.  And with them, I’ve been able to experience allllll sorts of things that only come from being a parent.  Most of those things are amazing and beautiful and awe-inspiring, but some of those things are smelly, and messy, and painful, and frustrating.  When one of my daughters used to have explosive poopy diapers EVERY SINGLE TIME she pooped, I had to write a parody about it.  When I use dry shampoo for days because I never have enough time in the shower to wash everything and hair becomes the last priority… I add that to a parody.  When my four year old changes her clothes 82 times a day and my laundry is OUT OF CONTROL and I want to clean my house before my husband comes back from a trip, I write a parody about it.  The words just kind of flow out of me.  This is my life, people.  And I love it.  But sometimes, it really is “laugh or cry.”  I choose to laugh as often as possible. I hope you can laugh with me. ~ Alisha


How could I ever resist THIS guy??? Love him so!



IMG_3412 Alisha found Eden Alisha chalked IMG_4343 IMG_4370  IMG_3795 It is Well... Family Pic 2014


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