I have an “ugly laugh.” An “ugly laugh” is in the same family as the “ugly cry.” Opposite sides of the same coin. Inconveniently, both come out during the extreme and usually when I’m surrounded by people. Picture a naying horse, gums receded, teeth bared, weird guttural sounds. That’s me and my “ugly laugh.” Sometimes an ugly laugh and an ugly cry can be confused as each other. In my case, both produce tears, excessive snot and give me a headache. Ironically, both seem to be better when shared with the ones we love. I love the feeling of my ugly laugh. I love how it has a call and answer effect. I laugh, you laugh harder which makes me laugh harder and so on. And pretty soon we’ve escalated it to the point where we don’t remember the real reason we started laughing in the first place. It then can come back sporadically throughout the day, like the gift that keeps on giving. I love it when it makes an appearance in the most inappropriate settings. You can’t help yourself! It’s like a sneeze itching to get out and when it does it will be explosive! LOVE IT!!!

These moments can be few and far between. But we have the power to seek and create them in our everyday lives. I have four children, who if I’m patient enough and observant enough, provide a lifetime of hilarity. My kids have a direct link to my funny bone! They are comedic geniuses and they don’t even know it! This comes in very handy for them when I want to rip into them after  I find a weeks old petrified and fruit fly infested banana smashed in the corner of my powder room. Ya feel me? Let’s create and share our moments together! Let’s combine our efforts and create a movement to seek out the funny even in our darkest moments and then laugh in its face! Show me your ugly laugh and I’ll show you mine….~Eden

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