Music Mondays!!

I LOVE SPRING!!!! Spring in Texas is glorious, even if March is our bipolar month. One day its 80 degrees and the next we have snow!! Never a dull moment!! For this week’s Music Monday, I wanted to celebrate this lovely season with “An Ode to Spring”!! These songs make me think of blossoms, perfect starry nights and the possibilities of love!

First up is “Bloom” by Paper Kites. Both band name and song title make me want to run through a meadow wearing a crown of flowers in my hair! Doesn’t that sound dreamy??!!
Next, I have a love song about two people who have known each other for all their lives and have discovered that they’re in love!! What could be more awesome than that?. It’s called “Something Right” by Chelsea Lankes ft. Will Anderson of Parachute. It’s completely romantic in every way. Listen to it and I dare you not to have it on repeat.
Last, I have to have an Echosmith song. We LOVE Echosmith here at Lauging Moms! (check our parody of “Cool Kids”, entitled “Cool Moms” here!) This song is chalk full of astronomy references that have me dying to grab a blanket and go sparkin’ with my sweetheart under a starlit sky!
So there you have it folks!! I’m just a hopeless romantic who sees love every where! However spring makes you feel, I hope it finds you enjoying the simplicity and magic of this special season!!

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