Let The Fun In!!

Have your floors been keeping the fun out??

Screen Shot 2015-11-30 at 11.31.17 AM “Don’t bounce that ball in here!”

“No, you can’t skate on the floors.”

“You can’t ride your bike in here.”

“Heck no, you can’t bring a motorcycle in here!!!”

If this sounds like you, we wanted to show you that with ArmorMax hardwood floors by Mohawk,  you can let the fun back in!

These are just a few ways ArmorMax protects your floors                                                          so you can play with your family, not stress about your floors:

• ArmorMax is the ultimate protection for hardwood and 12mm laminate flooring, keeping hardwood and laminate looking newer, longer
• ArmorMax creates a barrier against stains, abrasions and everyday wear
• ArmorMax is up to five times more resistant to wear than similar finishes
• 50-year wear limited warranty on hardwood and lifetime limited warranty on laminate
• ArmorMax products are made in the USA
Screen Shot 2015-11-30 at 11.34.25 AMScreen Shot 2015-11-30 at 11.35.28 AM
This holiday season, we want to help you let the fun back into your home!
This Mohawk Flooring Friends & Family coupon is good for 10% off a purchase of ArmorMax products,          through 12/31/15!
Click here to see all the beautiful styles available by ArmorMax!
And don’t forget to check out all the ways we let the fun in while filming this parody!
We were hired by Mohawk to produce this video and Let The Fun In and were amazed at the incredible quality and gorgeous finish of their produts. We were not hired to do this write-up.   




Movember… Is it Over Yet??

Move over Movember…

Anyone else feel like they get rug burn when they try to kiss their husband, lately? Move over Movember, I’m ready for a Dashing, Dapper, and Debonair (lose the hair)  December to be here and No Shave November to be just an itchy, scratchy, prickly thing of the past.


Can Anybody Find Me Some Carpet To Love??


I don’t know about you, but in my life, carpet and kids typically should not co-exist.

Mohawk SmartStrand Screen Shot 1

Maybe your kids always sit at the table to eat, maybe your toddler never wanders around the house with a green smoothie they managed to pull off the counter or a popsicle they snatched out of the freezer, or maybe your kids know it’s not a good idea to chase after their siblings while carrying a bowl full of cereal and milk.

Not so lucky in my house, nor the houses of most of my friends. Continue reading

Music Mondays!!

We’re starting a new weekly segment! Music Mondays!  You know we love music, and we’d love to share with you some of the music that moves us!  Since we’re getting started late this week (it’s Tuesday if you hadn’t heard) we’re going to post songs in honor of St. Patrick’s Day!

1.  From The Edge of the Deep Green Sea (cover by Oscar Isaac)

This amazing song by The Cure is one of my all-time favorites.  The lyrics are so beautifully tragic.  And it talks about the deep green sea, very fitting for St. Patrick’s Day! This is a ridiculously gorgeous cover by my dear friend, Oscar Isaac. Enjoy!

2. Green Eyes (Coldplay)

Coldplay first made me happy with a song about one of green’s parents, Yellow.  It wasn’t until a couple years later that I heard Green Eyes.  Love this song.  My mom and sister have green eyes and my blue eyes sometimes look green, so you know, can’t help but love the lyrics.  And Coldplay has my undying love.  I wish they were my friends.

3.  Green, Green Rocky Road (cover by Oscar Isaac for Inside Llewyn Davis Soundtrack)

If you haven’t heard the Inside Llewyn Davis Soundtrack yet, you must!  My favorites from the soundtrack are Fare Thee Well (both versions, Oscar and Marcus Mumford and Oscar solo), The Death of Queen Jane, and The Shoals of Herring.  Green, Green Rocky Road is also a great cover, and of course, perfect for St. Patrick’s Day!

4.  Greensleeves

Beautiful song we’re all familiar with, but did you know it was called Greensleeves?? It’s an old English folk tune that has had a variety of lyrics written to accompany it.

5. Give Me Some Hash

And lastly, did you see our St. Patty’s Day Parody of “Take Me To Church” by Hozier?  An ode to all things Irish, or at least all things that Americans think are Irish 🙂

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!  Look for our Music Monday posts!!

CW Interview!! NewsFix

Check out Alisha’s interview with the CW today for their show NewsFix! Thanks so much for the opportunity, CW33!!


Whatcha Doing Wednesday?


Writing New Parodies!!