Music Mondays |”Drummer Boy” | Justin Bieber | Busta Rhymes | Closet Covers

We hope you’re enjoying this holiday season! Today’s Music Monday video is another session in our Closet Covers series.

We’re spittin’ heat in this cover of Drummer Boy by Justin Bieber and Busta Rhymes! Come check out our rapping skills!

Let us know what you think and what songs you would like to hear us do cover versions of!


Music Mondays | “Sweet Dreams” | Closet Covers

People often ask us where we record our music. The answer? Drumroll, please….

In our closets!!

We have also recorded in our cars, in business offices, and even in real studios, but you will usually find us recording vocals in our closets. (*Bonus- The clothes help create a bit of soundproofing!)

Since we do spend so much time recording in our closets, we thought we’d have a segment on Music Mondays called Closet Covers, where we will do covers of some of our favorite songs in our little closet studios.

First in our Closet Covers series is a classic and well-loved song from our early childhood, “Sweet Dreams” by the Eurythmics.

The awesome arrangement of this cover was made by our good friend, Josh Osgood. You can find him here:

Watch our Closet Cover of “Sweet Dreams” below!

Thanks so much for watching! We hope you enjoyed this acoustic take on this classic song! Let us know other songs you would like to be featured in our Closet Covers series!