Music Mondays!!

Hey y’all!! Did you know that friday was National Sibling Day?? Was your Facebook home page saturated with posts and embarrassing pictures circa 1985 of your friends and their siblings professing that they have the BEST brothers and sisters ever?? Yeah, mine too. But, I hate to break it to you. I really do have the best brothers and sisters.

Here’s a little known fact about me: I’m the oldest of 10. I come from blended families, which has turned out to be one my greatest blessings. My brothers are hardworking, intelligent, amazingly funny guys. And my sisters are insanely creative, cultured and rockstar moms.


I also have to make a shout out to all of my in-laws!! My siblings have married GREAT people who only add to the pot and make our family better. My husband has wonderful siblings and spouses that I’m just crazy about. Having so many siblings creates the coolest diversity and gives you access to crazy talented folks. Adventures and shenanigans GALORE!!! 

Shared bedrooms and bathrooms fashion bonds that are of the strongest and truest variety. Having that built in network of support is invaluable. If you think about it, the sibling relationship is the only relationship that you will have for your entire life! My brothers and sisters and I all have a deep love of music. Singing together is one of my favorite things to do. The music industry is filled with family acts. Laughing Moms Music Mondays Sibling Bands

 Here’s a few:

The Jackson 5
The Osmonds
The Bangles
The Bee Jee’s
The Beach Boys
The Jetts
The Ramones
The Avett Brothers
Arcade Fire
Kings of Leon
Here are a few more that are some of my personal favorites…..
First is The Broods. They’re a brother and sister hailing from New Zealand. Who doesn’t love anything from New Zealand? My sister-in-law, who has great taste in music, introduced me to them. She also takes really good care of my brother and makes him completely happy, so she’s totally IN!!!
Next we have the sister act, HAIM. They are the coolest thing to come up out of the Indie circuit. They have this throw back sound that I dig. Plus, they’re BFF’s with Taylor Swift, which you know how much we love her round these parts. (Check out our parody to Taylor’s song “Style” here!)

Last, I give you the iconic sibling duo The Carpenters. This song is so perfect for today for so many reasons. First, it’s Monday. Second, it’s raining here in Houston. And third, my moms LOVES The Carpenters. So, in honor of the gal who gave me my siblings, this one’s for you momma!!

Did any of these blow your mind?? I hope so. Now go call your brothers and sisters and tell them how much you love them.