Music Monday!

We’re finally getting Music Monday up on a Monday! WooHoo!

Music Monday April Showers

April showers bring May flowers! So, let’s celebrate the rain today!

I Love The Rain The Most by Joe Purdy

If you’ve not yet discovered Joe Purdy, do yourself a favor and search him on YouTube.  This song is on my bedtime playlist.  Super mellow, just like a rainy day.

Purple Rain cover by Adam Levine

I loved this song by Prince in the 80s.  I wanted to ride a motorcycle in the purple rain.  Or do anything in purple rain.  It sounded awesome.  There aren’t many covers of Prince songs, because Prince has such a unique and difficult vocal style.  This cover does a great job, I think.  So thank you, Adam Levine, for making it Purple Rain!

Why Does It Always Rain On Me? by Travis

I fell in love with Travis when I lived in London many years ago.  Don’t worry, my husband’s okay with it.  Even though this song is pretty old now, it still sounds current.  Check it out!

Send us your favorite song discoveries.  Maybe they’ll make it onto one of our Music Mondays!


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