Music Mondays | Oscar Isaac & Alisha Merrick sing an original by Grady McShane, Sweet Lady Death

Some of you may remember that our original blog posts started with Music Mondays, where we would share some of our favorite music finds. We are revamping Music Mondays to now be live/acoustic videos of original and cover songs.

Before we were Laughing Moms, we started out writing original music together as Alisha found Eden. As much as we love to laugh, we also love music. It’s a passion we want to continue to develop and share. And though we’re both busy moms and live 4 hours apart and have commitments to create content as Laughing Moms, we also want to commit to this goal of creating music.

To kick off our Music Mondays, we have a special treat for you. Our first video is a song written by an incredibly talented friend, Grady McShane. The song is called Sweet Lady Death. It was arranged by another incredibly talented friend, Oscar Isaac, and performed by Oscar Isaac and Alisha Merrick.

When Alisha was 13 years old, she was booted out of her hometown of Miami, Florida by Hurricane Andrew.  As fate would have it, that same storm also booted Oscar out of Miami.  Shortly thereafter, Grady, Oscar, and Alisha all became fast friends at high school together.  Fast forward many years and miles apart, and they are still dear friends who manage to get together and make music every once in a while. We hope you enjoy Sweet Lady Death.

What songs would you like to hear on Music Mondays as cover songs? We’d love to hear from you!


2 thoughts on “Music Mondays | Oscar Isaac & Alisha Merrick sing an original by Grady McShane, Sweet Lady Death

  1. You always impress me by your awesomeness. I had no idea Oscar could sing like that. When I think of covers my heart skips to Alison Krause and Robert Plant album. Any of those songs I could imagine you singing.


    • You’re so sweet, Anya! And there are some fun songs on there! What’s your favorite?? And yeah, Oscar was a musician before he was an actor. He started writing original classical guitar songs when he was like 10. He used to play them for me all the time when we were growing up. His music is one of my favorite things in the world. 🙂


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