Fabulous Fathers, We Salute You!

We here at Laughing Moms would not be Laughing Moms if it weren’t for the amazing dads in our lives.  We wanted to show our appreciation for great dads everywhere and this parody of “Warriors” by Imagine Dragons is the result.  Fathers.

Last Thanksgiving, my family went on a road trip to visit family in Florida.  We listened to “Warriors” for hours straight. Literally, hours.  When my husband finds a song he loves, he plays it continuously. Especially when he wants to stay awake while driving.  So, after hearing “Warriors” for probably the 500th time in a row (fortunately, it’s a dang good song), the idea for “Fathers” was born and my husband and I wrote it together on our drive.  It was so fun to see this song come to life.  We’re so grateful to the many talented dads who sang for this video and who were in the video.  Imagine Dragons are not easily covered.  They’re amazing and we do not touch the tip of their talent iceberg, but it was sure fun trying!

Check out our Behind the Scenes footage!

Special Thanks to our many vocalists:

Robbie Northrop, Marcin Vaclaw, Steve Hanks, Brad Chappell, Joe Merrick, and Robb Rigby.

Special Thanks to the families who helped make our video footage awesome:

The Vaclaws, The Hanks, The Hales, The Chappells, The Millers, The Hainlines, The Beckhams, The Morris’, and The Merricks.

New Lifestyle! A Less Serious Look at Fitness

Summer is right around the corner! Are you ready to don a bathing suit?  If the answer is yes, then pat yourself on the back, because you are awesome! If the answer is no, don’t worry, you’re in good company.

Back when I used to think I knew what it meant to be busy, (balancing job, boyfriend, friends, shopping, and fun) I was actually a personal trainer.  I loved working out and loved fitness.  I still do, but now as a wife, mother of 3, business owner (Planted Juice), and laugh seeker (Laughing Moms), I can’t even keep my house in order, let alone my body.

New Lifestyle Screen Shot logo left

Fortunately, (I suppose) due to food allergies I eat pretty well, so my weight is within a healthy range.  Unfortunately, my muscles left this body for fitter pastures long ago.  I’m pretty sure my 5 year old is already stronger than me.  In my defense, she is a quarter Samoan, and my husband is a freakishly strong man who passed on his strong genes.

So, as I sat and planned a calisthenic comeback, inspiration struck! I grabbed my computer and did some keystroke reps, getting my fingers in the shape of their lives. “New Lifestyle” was the result of this workout.  It’s a parody of “Style” by Taylor Swift, and it would help me laugh my way to flatter abs. Come get your workout in with me! For best results, repeat 5x/week for 25 minutes minimum.

xo – Alisha

What are your thoughts on this fitness regime? Share your comments below, we’d love to hear your ideas!

Wonderful Things Wednesday!

Laughing Moms Nap Time No Go

We love when people share their funny stories or creations with us!  Because, as you may be aware, we love to laugh! Can any of you relate to this 1-min video short?

Filming disasters is therapeutic.  If you try it, let us know!  Thanks for sharing this video with us, Melissa Murphy!

Tuesday Treasures! LOVE wall!

Tuesday Treasures LOVE Wall

Tuesday Treasures! LOVE Letters Made With Pennies and LOVE Accent Wall. LaughingMoms.com

For this Tuesday Treasure, I actually had a bag of treasure to use!  Well, kind of.  My husband works at Provident Metals, an online coin and bullion dealer.  They buy and sell bags of coins, like wheat pennies and junk 90 silver coins, etc.  They also get a large amount of just face value coins in the process, so I asked him to bring me home a bag of face value pennies.  If you have a penny jar lying around somewhere, or a coin jar, this could be done with other coins as well, I just figured pennies were the cheapest to use, haha.


This was the inspiration pic.  I actually prefer the letter shapes in the inspiration pic, but I couldn’t find any like that the day I decided to do this project.  I’m sure I could have ordered some from somewhere, but I was impatient and just wanted to do it.  My 10 and 4 year old daughters helped me with this project and we had a great time making it together.

This is a before of the letters:


This is the glue we used:


My daughters wanted to make patterns with the pennies, so we did every other penny heads or tails as best as we could on most of the letters.  The O was a little funny and had too much space left between the letters, so we overlaid two more rows of pennies on top of the base of pennies.  This letter ended up being pretty heavy.


I had some silver spray paint on hand and sprayed the letters.  When my husband saw the silver painted pennies, he asked why I didn’t just use dimes.  I said pennies were cheaper.  Then he asked how much the spray paint I used to make the pennies silver cost.  I wasn’t sure how to quantify the amount of spray paint I used from the can to figure out the answer to his question.  But I like to think it was cheaper for me to do it this way.  At any rate, the pennies cover more surface area of the board than dimes would, so it probably took less time.  That makes it better, right??


After the spray paint dried, I made a little wall of things to go under this new LOVE sign.  I want my sweet daughters to know to always love themselves, so I added a bunch of cute mirrors that I got half off at Hobby Lobby.  I also got a couple of frames from there that were on major clearance.  They were both brown, though, so I spray painted them to match my decor better.  One I sprayed black and added some silver into the texture of the frame.  One I painted silver and it looks kind of pewter.  In those frames, I added words I love.  Tolkien’s “Not all who wander are lost.” I overlaid this quote on top of an antique script background I found.  I also framed a song I wrote for my husband called “Salt Water Soul.”  It’s kind of an ode to the fact that we met in Hawaii and him being my amazing Polynesian bestie and all 🙂

IMG_8628 IMG_8629

So here’s my finished LOVE wall.  What do you think?  Notice one of the things I love most in this world reflecting in the bottom mirror? LOVE her!! What would you put on your LOVE wall? I’ll interchange family pics on here sometimes, too. Send us pics if you do one! We’d love to see!

PS – I hung the LOVE letters using sticky-backed industrial strength velcro. Pretty sure it might remove the dry wall when I take it off.  But it works great for now!  Might have to sell it with the house someday, though, haha. #notgoinganywhere


I do not receive any compensation from any of the brands recommended here.  Those are just the items I used.  However, if they ever decide they want to compensate me for sharing, then I’ll say, “Um, heck yes, and thank you.”

A Note and Pics From Our Mom of the Year Winner!!

We just got the sweetest message from our Mom of the Year winner, Rebecca Osmialowski and wanted to share it here with all of you who are following her story!

Hello! I just want to thank you, so much, for this wonderful gift that you have given me. I am both honored, and humbled beyond belief that my story was written by such an amazing woman that I consider not only my friend, but my sister in heart, and that it touched your hearts as well. I am blessed beyond measure for the wonderful people in my life that have seen my children and I through our struggles and joys, and for their warm words of encouragement and soft shoulders for tears.

There have been too many days to count that have been full of struggle, heartbreak, and guilt, but every night I still go to bed with a silent prayer full of thanks and relief that it was another day that I got to spend with my beautiful children. They are the true heroes in this story. They fought, and continue to fight every day for a place in this world, and I couldn’t be happier for the strength and tenacity that they have.

Again, thank you, SO much for this amazing gift that you have given me. My heart is overflowing with all of the kind words and warm wishes that I have received because of Jessica’s beautiful nomination and your wonderful recognition. I only hope that I can live up to such an amazing award and honor!

Sincerely and with Love, Rebecca Osmialowski

(On a side note, EEEEEEK!! I am so excited to see all of the goodies and try everything out!! And oh my gosh, a gift card!!! I was just exclaiming that now I could maybe get my hair and toes done, AND buy a new hairdryer and curling iron! THIS IS SO AMAZING!!!! AHHHHH!!!)

Also, I couldn’t bear to change the picture that Jessica included with the article because it just simply means so much to me. So! I am sending a collage of some of my favorite moments with the kids! I’m one of those people that loves candid photos and funny faces, and I can’t help but share with the world these silly, yet adorable mugshots!

11224431_10153330516136591_6505249915140764554_n 11013271_10153330516301591_4096100041831936551_n 11201906_10153330516286591_6916341526536482208_n 19696_10153330516186591_3114818770521477985_n 10996011_10153330516126591_6725222324831711899_n 11255842_10153330516336591_3008741196143283799_n 11049460_10153330516131591_9166362624777548326_n 11249851_10153330516116591_4702371436024924567_n 10414424_10153330516291591_7973968585006477052_n 11231097_10153330516271591_1927310549337639910_n 11243811_10153330516276591_8507752958472045740_n

Mom of the Year Monday!! Check Out Our Contest Winners!

Instead of Music Mondays today, we are so excited to announce the winners of our Mom of the Year contest!  We read so many wonderful submissions nominating so many deserving mothers and we are so grateful to have learned more about these amazing mothers from all over the country.

As a reminder, our winners will receive some amazing gifts from our sponsors!  For our grand prize winner, a $250 Visa gift card from AdPlotter, a year subscription from Parents Magazine, the Love necklace from Freshie & Zero, and a trophy filled with mom-loved products from Laughing Moms and Planted Juice!

We will be sharing the nomination stories submitted about our winners below. To start us off, we’re pleased to introduce you to our grand prize winner.

We spoke with our Mom of the Year winner earlier today and she was so grateful and so humble and appreciative and we’re so happy to be able to share her story here!

Without further ado, the Laughing Moms 2015 Mom of the Year is Rebecca Osmialowski!


Here is her nomination story: Continue reading

NOMINATION STORIES for our Mom of the Year Contest!!

We have so enjoyed reading your nominations for our Mom of the Year contest that we are EXTENDING our submission deadline.  We will now accept nominations through this SATURDAY, May 9th. We know the world is full of amazing moms, but it’s so wonderful to read many of their personal stories and we want to read more!  We’re going to share with you a few quotes from some of the nominations we have received to help inspire you to nominate other deserving moms. For contest details, click here.

Laughing Moms MOTY mother's day pic

“By Looking at this beautiful woman, with these two darling kids you’d never know the heartache and trials she has endured as a young Mom. Both of the sweet children have epilepsy. She’s held these little body’s in her arms for years as they shook, and cried. All the while keeping herself together as she went through a painful divorce.”

“[She] is one of those beautiful spirits who can joke through hard times, and hold your hand and have empathy for you as a friend. She became someone special to me when I married her children’s Father. She had every opportunity to be unkind to me, and she chose to open arm me.”

“She works a full time job in a CEO capacity of her building. Then she comes home and helps cook, clean, sew, can jams, jellies and meats, and if that’s not enough she has time to play with the kids before helping tuck them into bed.”

“It has been a physical/emotional roller coaster for our family over the past several years, but I would not trade being a mommy for anything in the world. I would do ANYTHING for my kids, including almost dying 3 times! … I would love the opportunity to share our story with other mommies and give them hope. No matter what the doctors tell you, our God is greater and can do the impossible.”

“My mom spent at least 3-4 nights a week at my house during the first 2 months of the twins’ lives, often showing up at 10pm after she put my 93 year old grandmother and 91 year old great aunt to bed (they both live with her & my dad).  She then spent most of those nights sitting awake on my couch holding a fussing baby.  She would change one while I breastfed the other.  As soon as I was done nursing she’d take whichever baby was still awake so that I could go right back to sleep.  She’d watch Charlie & Andy so I could take Jack to his doctor visits.  She’d drive me to Jack’s DOC band appointments so I could sleep in the car.  She takes Charlie to alleviate some of the chaos.  She invites us to her house for dinner and then holds a baby so we can actually try to sit and eat.  She folds our clothes and does our dishes.  She takes a twin or two so I can go to the grocery store or take a shower.  She buys clothes for our kids because I don’t have time to shop.  She shows up on my doorstep ready to help whenever I call. She is amazing and she is how I survived this year.”

“I think I deserve mom of the year because when I became pregnant with my son… I don’t think anyone would consider me even possibly being fit to be a mom. I was drinking & going to the bars all the time. I pulled my sh*t together and now my son is my #1 priority, there isn’t a thing that I would not do to ensure his health and safety in this world. I had to drop out of college after he was born, but I am doing online courses now to get my certification to be an Early Childhood Educator & I started a home business so that I can be home with him & still provide an income for my family.”

“From the start my little sis has been a go getter type of person. She has big dreams and a big heart. While in college she surprisingly ended up pregnant,  but that was just a blessing. She stayed focused and worked a full time job while attending college and after my godson was born she went back to college and got her degree! She applies herself 100% she gives all her love to her son, she juggles work, and school, while being a full time mommy.”

“[My sister] is a single mom of two girls.  [She] lives in Indiana with no family around to help her.  She has a giant list of fancy medical terms that make it near impossible to get out of bed in the morning, but somehow she does it!! She has been going to school for 10+ years trying to get her degree, but her injuries keep getting in the way.  She finally landed her dream job in January teaching inner city kids and their parents to read together as families.”

“[My sister] is just 18 months younger than me, but sometimes I wonder if she’s not the older one!  She has 3 children. When her oldest was two, she was diagnosed with autism. It was a huge blow for their whole family, but my sister chose to face it head on with an amazing attitude of strength and positivity. With all the therapy and help she could provide, her daughter has thrived. And she amazes me with the equal amount of attention she provides each of her children. They are so different from one another and I love that she knows that and recognizes parenting isn’t a “one size fits all” approach. She is an incredible example to me of how to have strength during difficult situations and make the absolute most out life. She makes no excuses for herself and holds herself to high standard without any concern for what others think of her or comparing her life to someone else’s. She’s her own person and is happy with herself.  I can learn a lot from her.”